UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson attends an event at Parliament in Montevideo, Uruguay on Sept 17th

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White Collar  |  5 characters [3/5]
     → Action!Neal

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Space Station 76 - Cast [x]

Space Station 76 - Cast [x]

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Thea Queen → S3

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Arrow Promotional Posters (Seasons 1-3)

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Actual Scenes vs. Bloopers

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The greatest lies a con man tells are to himself. [1st season 6 promo]

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i have plenty

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White Collar’s’ Matt Bomer Gears Up for One Last Con in First Season 6 Teaser (Exclusive Video)

The USA show, which co-stars Tiffani Thiessen and Sharif Atkins, returns for its sixth and final season in November

Matt Bomer finds himself at a crossroads in the first teaser for the final season of “White Collar,” which TheWrap has exclusively obtained. USA’s quirky caper series begins its final run Nov. 6.

“I want my freedom, any way I can get it,” says his savvy, stylish character Neal Caffrey.

For six seasons, Neal has avoided prison by helping the FBI solve white collar crimes. ”They promised you freedom before,” asks his buddy Mozzie, played by Willie Garson. “What makes you think they’ll deliver?”

That’s the million dollar question that continues to drive the series.

“White Collar,” which also co-stars Tiffani Thiessen, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason, was created by Jeff Eastin.

“Saying goodbye to ‘White Collar’ — and Neal and Peter — after six successful seasons is incredibly difficult, but I couldn’t be prouder of what our entire team has accomplished over the last six years,” Eastin said in a recent statement. ”I’m grateful to FTVS and USA for giving the show a great home, and I can’t wait for fans to see the twists, surprises and phenomenal performances our final season has in store for them.”

“White Collar” returns to USA on Thursday, Nov. 6. at 9 p.m. ET [thewrap.com]

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